Alphie the 10ft 6inch Alpha

She was found sitting for 25 years  neglected and very tired. She had roses growing through her draw bar, a tree had grown around her, and she had sunk 200mm into the ground but she will Survive !!!

It was a very long day ahead of us one Saturday morning it started at 5am. Left the Far North and headed to Manukau South Auckland. You never know what is going to front you but you have to be prepared for the worst so the workshop was packed into the truck the night before.

Once we arrived we surveyed the situation and it was the chain saw that was put to work first to cut the tree away from the van and the 25year old rose which was once carefully planted inside the drawbar.

We thought we would try our luck and pump the tyres up. Great the air was in the tyres, it lasted about 5 minutes and then the blew, Bang ! Next step put the new wheels on we bought down, great now we have to wiggle her out backwards and no room to manoeuvre the truck but we got her out and looked at what we had bought ?

Now it was time to repair the draw bar as we had to tow it 5 hours back to the Far North. We don’t usually buy them sight unseen or Privately as we have our Scouts always on the look out for vans for us and they do the dirty work so to speak Haha.

Once back in the Bay of Islands she was water blasted, scrubbed, scrapped, pushed and pulled apart. For sitting for the 25years she was still very solid and in mint condition, just how we like them.

She got a nice new draw bar, and the whole under carriage, bearings, brakes got the full Monty. After many hours of Love and Tenderness she is once more a stunning wee van ready for another 41 years hopefully.

Enjoy the Photos,Alpha 006_1024x681 Alpha 002_1024x681 last block 064last block 052_1203x800last block 040_1203x800last block 010_1203x800IMGP0755_1024x681IMGP0765_1024x681IMGP0764_1024x681IMGP0759_1024x681IMGP0769_1024x681Alpha 001_1024x681

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