1986 22 Foot Zephyr total make over for 2015

Zephyr Caravans are very prone to leaking or water damage from major condensation and 80`s models & possible later are not exempt due to their design.

This van prior to buying,al`s oxford 002_511x768 al`s oxford 011_1024x681 22ft 1986 Zephyr_1024x681 09-07-2013 028_160x240_512x768 09-07-2013 037_511x768 the seller said it didn’t leak hahaha ! I thought this would have to be a first. When we collected it, it had problems on my first inspection. We know how to sort the problems so we bought it.

She was rough to say the least, the interior was disgusting from loads of use and sun damage. The exterior was badly dented on just about all the panels. But Hay they are a good looking vans, a great size for touring with shower and double bed at one end of the van and kitchen in the middle and living area up front (draw bar end) This being a 22 foot long van without draw bar.

We have almost gutted the interior to do the repairs !!! She even rotted where no van should- water got in around the exterior power outlet, factory fitted- no sealant fitted- very good quality control or she was a Friday van.

We have now re-built both front and rear walls and some floor areas. When we do this sort of re-build we strengthen the frame mainly where people place their hands to push vans. The Zephyr has no timber to support the alloy skin so it dents under the lightest pressure. This wont happen to our repairs.

We have finished giving her the total make over and face lift and I just love it, she has come together beautifully, in a wild and wonderful way. It has been a massive job as she was in a bad way through  total neglect. I don’t understand how most people seem to forget to look after their caravan and in most cases the caravan is worth more than the family car these days. Some caravans even get painted with a paint brush or a roller ! would you do that to your $10,000 car ?

Any way Check out the finished product in the latest photos. Cheers RickZephyr Completed 011_1024x681Zephyr Completed 020_1024x681Zephyr almost finished 017_1024x681Zephyr almost finished 023_1024x681Zephyr Completed 008_1024x681Zephyr almost finished 020_1024x681Zephyr Chassis completedZephyr`s KitchenZephyr almost finished 014_1024x681Zephyr Completed 006_1024x681

caravanbs 001_1024x681 caravanbs 003_1024x681 caravanbs 005_511x768 caravanbs 004_511x768 window rubber 008_1024x681

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  1. Irena

    Gosh, what a job! How long did it take you? Do you re-use the internal cabinetry or put new materials in? I’m looking to fix up the interior of my old caravan and was wondering how you repair cupboards/doors with veneer that have water stains or rot…?

    • Rick Boyd

      If the cupboard doors have rot Irena I would be seriously be reconsidering if the caravan was a do up or a total rebuild? The veneer can be sanded back and polyurethane if you want the timber look. If you are going to paint the cupboards I would use a good “hard Board” as this gives a very nice flat surface to paint and dosent swell up with moisture. If the interior cupboards have rot there must be some serious leaking in the van which has to be sorted prior to any other work as you will be wasting your time.
      Hope you enjoy the task ahead 🙂 and good luck

  2. Dawn

    Hi Rick, we have a Zephyr 600 1984 in beautiful condition, but the stripes down the exterior sides and signwriting in general is looking a little tired. Do you know where we could possibly buy replacements, or take it somewhere where a panel shop or someone could put them on? We live in Blenheim. Many thanks.

    • Rick Boyd

      Hello Dawn; Take your van to a sign writer, they will be able to help you. The graphics on the Zephyrs are not cheap so don’t get a shock, remember this will be a one off and custom made. get them to fit them as well as its a hell of a job.


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