1972 Lite-Weight 1100 Vagabond

This Little Vagabond was just a bit tired, after all she is 43 years old. Her original awning was past seeing the beach again, the upholstery was in good condition but stained and vinyl brittle. She had been painted inside about 4 times but tired so we have stripped her out and have a blank canvas.
At some stage someone had converted her from a 4 berth to 3 berth, so we are setting her back up with 4 beds, a new awning, the works. The exterior is pretty straight and tight but once you start on sorting the small dents and scratches TIME takes hold to get the prep work right.
Amazingly the MK1 Trojan Brakes were still working but the coupling was no good. The Brakes coupling has been replaced with a smart new one with drop down brake handle and the Calipers totally stripped and new seals and pads fitted and they are working a treat again.
We will update Vagabond as we progress with her Make over. She will be good as new and carry our standard warranty and free service!!!!
We have named her “Bonnie Tyler” as she is a bit of a country Gal !
She is all made up and glowing with her deep Red Colour, New Upholstery, floor vinyl, Curtains, New stone guard and spare tyre cover. Plus a custom NZ made awning complete with the retro fringes. 3 New tyres, mud flaps you name it she has it and ready to put your gear in her and hit the road. The beauty is she dosn`t need a big tow vehicle as she only weighs in at about 600KG



Spacious 10`6``

Double bed making a 3 berth

OMG even a dunny

Retro Wall to boot

FOR SALE  From the Retro caravans Ranch

FOR SALE From the Retro caravans Ranch

Bonnie Tyler

FOR SALE $16,995.00

FOR SALE $16,995.00

1100 1972

Fri 16th Jan L-Weight 1100 1972

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Blank Canvas 72 1100

New Brake coupling 1100 1972