1968 16foot OXFORD DELUX

window rubber 003_1024x681

Full Strip needed

window rubber 001_1024x681

Just The Beginning

window rubber 005_1024x681

Mind The Gap !

window rubber 007_1024x681

Open Wound to replace Rot in frame

Lil` bit of rot in one corner, nothing to worry about and an ezy fix

Lil` bit of rot in one corner, nothing to worry about and an ezy fix

We haven’t got a name for her yet but lets call her “Miss Oxford” for now Old and very tired she is going to get our full Monty as usual.
She was a very Delux model in her day being fitted with 2 gas bottle holders, gas fridge, 12 volt inverter, and Vacuum drum brakes fitted which worked off the tow cars vacuum. She even still has her original awning also she was fitted with 14inch wheels unlike most in her day were fitted with 13inch.
So follow her progress~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


New Retro Colours

PHONE PHOTOS 228_1280x720

Excellent Drum Brakes and Boy they work great

PHONE PHOTOS 218_1280x720

Custom made duplicated Draw bar

Liteweight1700 011_1203x800

Looks Like New

Its been a long process this van due to other work commitments  but she is ending her Face lift and Brow lift . She has had a full chassis strip by sand blasting and truck chassis paint applied and top coats. The brakes have been serviced and new coupling fitted.  All new window seals exterior painted and the interior almost completed. The new 3 way Dometic fridge and 3 burner gas cooker yet to be fitted and certified. A complete electrical upgrade and new Electrical wof. 28-1-16 014_1024x576 gas stove new 004_1280x720 gas stove new 002_1280x720 PHONE PHOTOS 219_1280x720 latest 010_1024x681

latest 015_1024x681

latest 013_1024x681

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