Product Sales

As Most of you know we are now not carrying parts or supplies>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>BUT we are having a lot of enquiries for window rubber mainly for CI MUNRO & LITE-WEIGHT Caravan FIXED WINDOWS>>>>>>>>>>>>>So I am putting it out  there ! If you need this; Please let us know and how many meters […]

window rubber 010_1024x681

They just keep on COMING !!!!!

Over the last 8 weeks caravans have been finding us ! We are trying to consolidate our stock and work load due to me closing in fast to Retirement. But the sneaky old Retro Caravans have other ideas and in the last 8 weeks we have received 5 new caravans. […]

11-5-17 001


This Old Gal was going to be crushed for scrap!!!!! After about 12 Hours spent on her, we managed to get her back to the Retro Caravans Ltd Farm !!!!! Then she was water blasted inside to get rid of the chook poop and out side to see what she really […]

1961 Silver Stream