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We started about 12 years ago when we purchased a 1974 Anglo Ace 12 foot caravan for our own use. We owned that van for about 5 years and only used it about 3 times, so we decided to sell it.  The van was completely  refurbished and looked great. We took it downtown into Kaeo where it sat for about 2 hours…

First caravan we overhauled

First caravan we overhauled

… a lady wanted to buy it there and then and we sold it for $4850.00 We were shocked! We bought another and did the same. The same thing happened so then we realised it wasn’t just a one off. Once we started listing our vans on the net we couldn’t keep up with what was happening so we formed Retro Caravans Northland Ltd and things haven`t looked back. The only problem we have is that we can’t get the vans refurbished fast enough for the amount of people that want our type of caravan and our standard of refurbishment, which is keeping things original.

We don’t restore caravans. we prefer to buy good solid vans with good original interiors and in original condition. We prefer to stay away from the ones that have had the home made handy person who attack caravans with paint brushes and old house paint.

Fitting new draw bars and parking legs is part of the fun in bringing a Vintage NZ made caravan back to  new condition but still 30-50 years old.

We love what we do.

Regards Rick & Dave

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