This is becoming a real issue now that Retro Caravans are back hitting the roads. You can get your caravan road legal with rego and a WOF with out brakes being fitted if it weighs less than 2000kg.

All very well if you have a truck to tow it; with a rating for an un braked trailer and rated higher than your UNBRAKED caravan weighs.

Most of our tow vehicles  are rated from 450kg un braked !!!! So what sort of caravan can you get that weighs,  loaded less that the 450kg with out brakes?????

Our Nissan Safari 2.5tonn 4×4 towing is rated at 750kg max un braked and 2000kg max braked so in theory , this tow bar is not rated to tow the average NZ caravan of 10 feet long with out brakes.

Check your vehicles tow  rating there is usually a label on them stating the minimum and maximum tow weights braked and un braked.

The implications that this confusing situation has, is not worth thinking about- your caravan and car insurance could be VOID and you could also be FIND if you were stopped by the Law.

The choices are to up grade your tow vehicle, upgrade the tow bar if the vehicle manufacturers allow it, or get brakes fitted to your caravan.

Don’t be Complacent re this problem !Zephyr almost finished 020_1024x681


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