I went to my Accountant :-(

I went to my Accountant the other day to hand over some files ! I was there with him for 7 minutes as I asked a few Questions. He was very HELPFUL !!!

The next day I received an email from him attached was an INVOICE for $85.00 +gst !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! $12.1428c per minute.

The same day I had a client come to the property and spent $130.00, asked questions for over 1 hour and put my work load back . Who is the Thief and who is the ……………..

I would have save my client possibly saved 4 or $5000  not that he would have spent that anyway is not the issue, the Accountant never saved me a cent.

Oh well that is how our society works. Its a Beautiful day again at the Retro Caravan Ranch and only 4 weeks to SPRING, we haven’t even had winter yet.19th March 045_1600x900

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