We have been talking to a few insurance companies re caravan insurance and Caravans with out brakes !!!!!!!!!!

Most Retro Caravans over 10ft will weigh in over 600kgs !

Therefore your tow vehicle`s TOW BAR must be rated for more than your caravan weighs, for an un-braked caravan, if your caravan dose NOT have brakes.

Because a caravan dose not require brakes to be fitted for a wof, if it weighs in under 2000kg (2 ton)  causes a very grey area when towing the van & where insurance comes in. Most Modern vehicles today will have a tow bar fitted stating, say 450kg un-braked and 1500kg braked for example.

For the likes of the Double cab Pickups Toyota, Ford, Nissan which have a tow capacity of 3500kg means nothing as the tow bar will state 900kg un-braked and 3000kg braked, for example.

If you have a 15foot caravan  with out brakes you can be sure she will weigh about 1400kg plus once loaded, so there fore your trucks tow bar is not designed to tow your caravan without brakes !!

The insurance company will take their premium off you but I can assure you they will not pay out if something goes wrong and you make a claim.

You would need to get a tow bar fitted that exceeds the weight of the caravan with no brakes or fit brakes to you caravan.


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